Hello facials you will love and never forget!

Faye the facialist

Meet Faye, the facial queen.

Studio Ki Esthestics

I am beyond excited to have Faye join Studio Ki Permanent Cosmetics! I know you guys are going to love her! She comes to the Vernon Studio with a 15 year background in the beauty & esthetics industry and is known for her bubbly personality and her unbelievable facials!

Faye’s specialty will be making your face look and feel effortlessly beautiful every morning when you wake up!

Faye will be specializing in all things skin! Her facials will take you on a beautiful sensory journey and you will LOVE the way she makes your feel.

Faye’s services, from microchanneling to facials;

PROCELL Micro-Channeling,

The Evolution of Micro-needling. Let me tell you, you need this in your life! Advanced technology and serums with virtually no downtime. The best way to roll back the hands of time for your skin! Click the heading above to learn more about what Procell can do for you. Did you know this life changing treatment can be paired with a facial?

Procell microchanneling facials perfect for all skin

Teeth Whitening by Beautiful Bright Smiles

1 Hour to a whiter smile with no sensitivity for your teeth. Customizable whitening for every unique mouth. Take home kits available at the studio are ALWAYS in stock!

pain free teeth whitening

Brow & Lash love:

Lash lift and tint: Keep your lashes dark and standing at attention for up to 6 weeks! Definitely a studio favourite!

Henna brow:Better than basic tinting, henna comes in a variety of natural colours from black to blonde and last for up to 6 week on the hair and 10 days on the skin! This pairs perfectly with a lash lift!

Brow lamination: Perfect for ladies who have brow hair but want it to grow in a different direction, or for unruly brows that always need to be brushed up!

Lash lift and tint with Henna brow is the perfect add on to any facial

Imagine not having to worry about your draing on your brows or mascara’ing lashes for 6+ weeks!

Faye has brow and lash combo deals available for you! Just let her know what you need, lash lift and brow waxing, tinting, henna or lamination!

She can assess your brows and help create a custom brow and lash plan specifically for you!

Facials and Dermaplaning

Faye is the Facial QUEEN of the Okanagan! You will simply fall in love with her facials and want to keep coming back for more every month! She uses a beautiful botanically scented, results driven line called Sorella Apothecary that you have you relaxed and feeling beautiful!

Sorella facials are the best

Sorella Apothecary is a botanically based, professional skin care line that balances the best of both science and nature. We combine natural, old-world philosophies and a dose of modern day science to create products that will bring balance back to the skin while also building it up and providing nourishment.

I can’t wait for you guys to meet Faye I know you will love her as much as I do! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest Studio updates! Book with Faye to show her some love and welcome her onto the Studio Ki Vernon team!

If you are want to feel pampered this holiday season make sure you book your December appointments ASAP as they will go fast! Book your lash lifts, henna brows and facials now to avoid disappointment!

Make sure you put us on your Christmas list this year, so everyone will know where to get the perfect gift to keep you smiling all year long! Gift cards are available in store or online! #shoplocal

Studio Ki logo - we love facials

Your guide Which brows are best for me?

The best of microblading, powder brows and combo brows!

So you lived through the 90’s and the 00’s and shockingly now you have thin brows, and let’s face it you need some help! You are sick and tired of drawing them on every day constantly worrying they have smudged off!

You want to get the most out of life and you have decided to break up with your brow pencil. Now the only decision you have left is what type of brow to pick; microblade, powder only or combo brow!

brow styles, microblade, combo, ombre, powder

Microblading A.K.A. the Hair-Stroke Brow

Microblading is a hairstroke style brow and is one of the most popular beauty procedures on the planet right now! It has a very natural outcome and is before for someone who is not looking for a drawn in or powdered look. Most clients come in every 12-28 months for a re-touch appointment.

  • Appointment length – 2-3 hours,
  • Touch up – 6 weeks post treatment
  • Pain level– none-mild – topical numbing is used
  • Cost – $350 initial appointment – $125 6 week touch up (1-2 hours)
  • Lasts – 1-3 years on average*
  • Healing 7-10 days

Suitable for younger dry skin types with smaller pores. Oily skin may not have desired healed results as microblading will not always hold in oily skin.

Powder brows – The looks like your own make-up brows

Powder brows are more like traditional brow tattoos. They last longer than microblading and range anywhere from a light shading to a very defined powdered-in make-up look. If you are accustomed to drawing your brows in every morning then powder brow might be right for you!

Appointment length – 2-3 hours,
Touch up – 6 weeks post treatment
Pain level– none-mild – topical numbing is used
Cost – $400 initial appointment – $125 6 week touch up (1-2 hours)
s – 1-5 years on average*
Healing 7-14 days

Suitable for most skin types including mature and oily skin.  The way the pigment is implanted into the skin lasts longer 

Combo brows- The best of both worlds!

Combo brows are the most realistic looking brow, they are created using the powder shading as well as the microblading hair stroke technique! We can do them bold or soft depending on your preference and your existing brow hair! You can still get that hair stroke fluff but with shading for added dimension.

Appointment length – 2-3 hours,
Touch up – 6 weeks post treatment
Pain level– none-mild – topical numbing is used
Cost – $400 initial appointment – $125 6 week touch up (1-2 hours)
s – 1-5 years on average*
Healing 7-14 days

Suitable for more skin the microblading alone. Great for brows that a dense in some areas and patchy or hairless in others or brows hair that is very coarse. 

Still not sure which brows are best for you?

You know you want some amazing brows but still are unsure! An expert opinion is a great way to help you decide which brows would be best for you, so click here to book your free consultation at the studio to discuss how we can get you the brows of your dreams!

Be sure to check out my Instagram or Facebook account to see my most up todate work and promos!

The Okanagan knows, amazing brows don’t happen by chance they happen by appointment at Studio Ki! All you have to do is book with us and we will take care of the rest!

December Holiday Promo’s

Teeth whitening, lash lift’s and everything you need to be ready for all those holiday photos!

It’s the Holidays and Studio Ki wants to celebrate with some serious deals! We believe everyone should smile big and show off their pearly white teeth so we are hosting some serious specials for the end of the month!

Did someone say lash lift? We hope so!

Lash lifts are one of our most popular services! Ladies love waking up with beautifully curled lashes that have little to no up-keep! Lifted lashed always look best when paired with a tint and some brows, we wanted to make it easy for you to get everything on your list in one visit! 

💋 Combo #1  – Get your brows and lashes looking amazing for up to two months! Henna Brow, Lash lift and tint combo, is your new best friend. 

Book Combo #1 – Normally $130 NOW only $99 Save $30

💋💋 Combo #2  – Get your brows and lashes looking amazing for up to two months and a bright white smile to match! Henna Brow, Lash lift and tint with teeth whitening will help you feel ready every morning even before you wake up.  

Book Combo #2 – Normally $274 NOW only $189 Save $85

💋💋💋 Combo #3 – Get your brows ready, permanently ready with lashes and white teeth as the perfect accessories! Microblading, lash lift and tint and teeth whitening will make your life so much easier.  

Book combo #3 – Normally $590 now only $510 Save $80

Want machine brows? Upgrade to powder brows or combo brows for just $50 on combo #3!

Studio Ki is here to help make your mornings easier! Book a holiday combo today and save time every morning! 

All Offers Must be Booked and Completed by Jan 3, 2020 5pm.
Please Book Online with Code ”Dec Combo”

Gift certificates now available!- Tell your mom, tell your man!

Check out our before you visit page to review commonly asked question. If you still need to know more text or call 250 306-0909 to discuss.

Amazing brows don’t happen by chance, they happen by appointment at Studio Ki!

The Perfect Gift For Her – Vernon BC

All she wants for Christmas is more free time and to feel pretty!

White teeth and perfect brows

But where can you find the perfect gift for her in Vernon BC?

She does it all, works, cleans the house, cooks the food, keeps the kids on track, and still manages to look good doing it!

If only there was a way you could help make it easier for her! …and you (without having to mop the floors)!

The perfect gift for her

You want to give her a gift this year that she will love, something that will make her happy 365 days a year! But where could you find something so perfect in Vernon BC?

Picture this, the lady in your life has an extra 10 minutes a day to do what ever she wants!

Wait; 10 minutes isn’t that big of a deal!?

perfect smile happy girl

Well that 10 minutes is really 5 hours a month, or 2.5 extra days a year! It’s basically a weekend getaway and who wouldn’t want one of those!

You want to make your lady happy because everyone knows how it goes…. Happy wife Happy life! Right!?!

This is where Studio Ki comes in!

We can help you save the day with the perfect gift! In fact, you don’t even have to go to the mall to go shopping! You can get it right here from your phone or lap top! Talk about easy to hide presents!

Permanent makeup creates beauty, time and confidence! Studio Ki is an award winning permanent cosmetics shop that helps women look and feel their best and spend less time worrying about putting makeup on every day!

We strive to create natural beautiful enhancements that help women wake up feeling more like themselves.

How does permanent makeup help you? …help her!?

  • More smiles from your lady, she now has more time in her day and feels more relaxed.
  • Less awkward glances from family and friends, you no longer arrive late for dinner parties because getting ready is now a snap!
  • Extra enjoyment in the morning, your lady is confident and feeling good about her self, not worried about how she looks. All she has to worry about now is some bed head and morning breath!
  • More money for beer? Less money spent at Sephora every month?

We call this a win-win! The perfect gift for her that is also good for you! 

Teeth whitened

Permanent makeup sounds amazing but how do I pick the perfect gift for her?

Permanent lip stick, microbladed brows, lash lift and tint, permanent eyeliner or pain free teeth whitening? She would love it all, so let her pick! This is the beauty of a gift card!

Studio Ki gift card is the perfect gift for her this Christmas!

You lady can choose if she wants to enhance her lips, brows, or lashes! It is that easy! You don’t even have to know what microblading is, all you have to do is give her the gift she will love for the whole year!

It is just that easy, all you have to do is click here! Skip the dreaded mall and buy her the gift that she is sure to love!

Lash Lift Vernon Special!

This is what you have been waiting for!  Studio Ki is offering a lash lift and tint back to school special for you and your bestie! And the best part is, you don’t even have to be a student! #schooloflife

Are you ready to take your lashes to the next level?

Do it with a lash lift and tint and your BFF!

Lash love is a must for every Okanagan girl this summer!

Book an appointment to pump up those lashes  in Vernon at Studio Ki for you and your fave gal pal and get some serious savings!

Thats right you can have amazing lashes and an amazing bestie with amazing lashes! That is a lot of ah-mayyy-zing if you ask me!

Beautiful lash lift and tint on brown eyed girl

But wait!  

What is a lash lift in Vernon at Studio Ki?

Lash lift and tint will curl your lashes from the bottom to the tip to create the perfect lashes that stand at attention all day long! Thats right, you can finally ditch the mascara and the the lash curler! No more looking like a panda at the pool! Get your always curled always dark lashes TODAY!

Show me the lash lift and tint difference! 

What you need to know about lifting your lashes!

  • Curl lasts 6-8 weeks 
  • Keratin helps make your lashes look thicker, longer and healthier 
  • Lake proof, sweat proof no maintenance lashes!
  • No racoon eyes at the pool!
  • For best results use with EyEnvy Lash Growth Serum (sold separately  at Studio Ki)
  • You don’t have to be a student to get this lash love special! 

Book your appointment online now so you can wake up with beautiful hassle free lashes that look amazing day and night!! You will be thanking yourself for weeks to come!

Know where you are going?

Click here for Studio Ki address!

We are by appointment only

Lifted lashes are the new black!

Healed Permanent Makeup

So you have seen a lot of work that is freshly done but how does it look after it heals? Before you get your microblading in Vernon you might want to learn more about healed permanent makeup!

To perfect permanent makeup up you typically need two sessions. There are a variety of factors that play into how your permanent brows, lips or liner heal.

Skin type

Skin type is a big one. For people with oily skin it is almost always better to go with powder or combo brows! Microblading might not be your best choice. Oil in the skin tends to get under the pigment and pushes it to the surface.

Powder brows are created with a micro-pigmentation machine that deposit small amounts of pigment at a time into the skin. The pigment is implanted in such small quantities which makes it more difficult for the oil to move the pigment out of the skin.

Microblading on the other hand deposits the pigment as lines into the skin. This makes it easier for the oil to move the pigment to the surface of the skin. Which means as your skin turns over the colour will come out faster.

Powder brows for the win on oily skin types!

Mature, damaged or thin skin may also not be suitable for microblading. To create smooth crips lines you need tight healthy young skin. Don’t worry! If this sounds like you we can still do powder brows! They are suitable for way more skin types.

If you are unsure then please book a consultation and we can discuss your options!

After Care

Aftercare plays a huge roll in how your skin will retain the pigment, especially in the initial two weeks while your skin is still healing. At Studio Ki we use a natural Canadian made product that helps create a barrier on the skin from any free radicals and promotes healing. 

It is your job to apply the after care products provided as well as follow the specific instruction given to achieve the best results possible. 


Lifestyle is also a factor for the longevity of your new look! The sun can effect the way permanent makeup in the Okanagan heals. Wear sunscreen or a hat to help maintain your permanent brows, lips or liner. Remember the sun makes your skin darker but it makes your tattoos and permanent makeup lighter!

Studio Ki carries tattoo specific sunblocks that will help you maintain the best results with your microblading, permanent makeup or body tattoos. That’s So sun screen is buildable so you always have the right amount of coverage for every area!

One spray gives you 20 SPF, two gives you 30 SPF and three sprays give you 50 SPF! It’s a buildable sunscreen so you can get some rays where you want them and block them where you don’t!

That's So sunless tanner buildable SPF bottle. Perfect to protect your healed permanent makeup
Tattoo specific sunblock that increases in SPF as you reapply! Finally a sunblock that is prefect for the whole family!

Photos of healed permanent makeup

Lastly make sure the artist you choose has some photos not only of their fished work but what it looks like when it’s fully healed permanent makeup! This is important as not all work heals equally.

Healed permanent makeup -Beautiful natural looking healed microblaing on dark haired girl
Healed microblading one month after touch up. Brows have softened and have a natural hair-like look to them.

Fresh permanent make-up will heal softer, lighter and cooler in colour and it is up to your artist to determine what the best colour and stroke size will be. Due to so many variables in the skin it is difficult to know just how much it will change. This is why photographs and notes will be taken at your initial appointment. After your initial session and seeing how it heals we can perfect your permanent makeup at your 6 week touch up!

Beautiful healed permanent make up - Powder brows all healed up on smiling girl
Healed powder brows 6 weeks after initial session. These healed beautifully and did not need a 6 week touch up. Soft beautiful powder filled brows.

What to look for…

If you are thinking about getting permanent cosmetics in Vernon now you know a little bit more about what to look for! If you want to learn more even more about what you can expect when getting permanent cosmetics why not check out my YouTube page.

Okanagan falling in love with brows!

Studio Ki is the Okanagan’s microblading destination!

Welcome to Studio Ki Permanent Cosmetics, home of the Okanagan’s microblading experts!  We are located in Vernon but do brows for people all over British Columbia and beyond!   Studio Ki specializes in all permanent cosmetics services, not just microblading. We also have very talented women working in studio that will help you wake up feeling beautiful every morning. 

  • Permanent eyeliner
  • Permanent lipstick, lip blush
  • Permanent freckles
  • Powder brows, ombre brows, combo brows
  • Lash lifts and tints
  • Henna brows
  • Teeth whitening
  • Saline Tattoo removal 
  • Facials
  • Procell Micro-channeling

 Studio Ki is located downtown Vernon BC and our expertise is limited but perfected, we are not a full service salon. We don’t do hair, we don’t do nails and we certainly do not tattoo you in our basement!

Permanent cosmetics is our full time job and we aim to give you a natural yet perfected look.

Okanagan’s microblading experts

Check out these babes and their before and after’s from Studio Ki!

So you want to wake up with brows, here are the deets!

Permanent cosmetics, or permanent make up is the best way for you to wake up feeling more like yourself! Natural, beautiful and perfected.

Imagine waking up and your brows are already looking perfect and you don’t need to spend 15 in the morning trying to draw them on.

Envision jumping into the lake or pool and you come out and your eyeliner still perfectly in place and no smearing down your face.

Think of how it would be to eat a full meal and your lips still look as luscious and bright as when you left the house.

Permanent make-up can do all this and more for you!

Full face permanent makeup before and after at Studio Ki

At Studio Ki we believe Microblading and other permanent makeup should look natural, it should help enhance your existing looks! People will always wonder how does she look so good all the time? We want you to feel confident and beautiful as you live your Okanagan lifestyle, never having to wonder if your face is still in place!

Photo to the left is a full face done at Studio Ki -powder brows, permanent lipstick and eyeliner.

How to book with the Okanagan’s microblading experts

It is super easy to book online – Just click right here!

We can start with a free consultation or if you have read the Before You Visit page and know you are a good candidate you can book your appointment today!

When you leave the studio with your new look we will provide you with all of the products you need to heal up beautifully! Make sure you read the Studio Aftercare page so  you know what to expect, and what you will have to avoid for the week after your appointment!

If you are pretty sure you want to come into Studio Ki for some new brows or lip blush but you still want to know more about what to expect, then check out my youtube channel! I have created videos explaining the process, the aftercare and what to expect from your permanent cosmetics.

In the Okanagan microblading and permanent makeup are very popular! People want to look and feel their best with out having to worry about it. Permanent cosmetics can give you peace of mind that you always look good, any time day or night.

The secret is out! Amazing brows don’t happen by chance they happen by appointment. All you have to do is book with me and I will take care of the rest!

Studio Ki Permanent Cosmetics Logo