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The investment

Amazing brows don’t happen by chance, they happen by appointment! Well actually they happen by two appointments. Permeant cosmetics are not only going to give you back time in your day but they will also give you peace of mind that you are looking your best all the time. No more worrying if your brows are symmetrical, or if your eyeliner is running down your face. With permanent cosmetics you will always have the confidence to know you are looking your best, rain or shine!



Microblading initial appointment $350,

Microblading 6 week touch up $100

Microblading 12-18 month touch up $150

Microblading is one of the most popular brow procedures in the world right now! Microblading is a manual application of the brows one hair stroke at a time, it creates a natural brow that works with your existing hair! . This procedure is done as a two part process, your initial appointment and your six week touch up perfecting appointment.

May not be suitable for mature or oily skin. If you are unsure please feel free to contact me directly!

Perfect your look by adding eyeliner to your appointment a save!

Powder & Combo brow


Powder/Combo brow new client $400

Powder/Combo brows 6 week touch up $100

Powder/Combo brows 12-18 month touch up $150

Powder brows  use the micropigmentation machine to give you full pigment coverage on your brow. Powder brows are suitable for all skin types!

Combo brows, sometimes called blade and shade brows combine microblading with the powder brow for the best of both worlds! We can create a fuller looking brow that still has some hair strokes too!

Add permanent eyeliner to your appointment to perfect your look and save!



Permanet Eyeliner

Initial appointment top eyeliner  $285, bottom eyeliner $225 or both top and bottom $400

Touch up $100 for top or bottom liner or $150 for both.

Permanent eyeliner has a lot of different options depending on how you want your eyes to look and the cost may vary depending on the style you are requesting. The goal is to enhance your natural look and make your daily life easier. Permanent eyeliner typically takes 2 appointment and they are 1-2 hours long depending on the style you like.


Saline tattoo removal

Initial appointment $175+ depending on area

Additional treatments will be based on length of treatment and can be discussed at initial session or consultation.

Saline tattoo removal is great for small body tattoo’s as well as permanent makeup you are unhappy with. You may require between 1-6 treatments depending on the area, pigment density, skin type etc..


Permanent Lips


Initial appointment for full lip blush $375 or lip liner blend $325

6 week touch up $125

12-24 month touch up $200

Permanent lip colour can really enhance your lips weather you are looking for larger lips, more even pigment or a more defined border permanent cosmetics can help!  The lips can be lined, lined and blended or fully coloured.


lash lift lash tint keratin

Lash lift

Lash lift is a low maintenance way to keep your lashes looking their best.