Microblading and permanent brows is one of the most popular beauty hacks on the market today! It is an innovative make up technique that creates realistic looking eyebrows in a semi permanent way.

Brows can be created from scratch or can be combine with existing hair. I always strive to use as much of your real hair as possible to keep your brows looking as natural as possible.  Eyebrows are essential for framing your face and helping you look more awake. 

The appointment process

When you come into the studio we will review your medical history and discuss any potential side effects and what kind of brows you are looking for. If you have photos for reference you can show them to me here.

I then take photos of your brows and face standing up and laying down to get before and afters and help plan your brows. I map and measure your face and draw on a set of brows you love! At this point we are only looking at the shape and placement.

I choose a custom colour and begin to apply the brows in the desired method (powder, combo, ombré or microblading) applying numbing as we go.

Once I am done we take more photos, I give you everything you need to take care of your brows including written after care instructions and products and then send you on your way! You will have a perfection appointment in approximately 6 weeks.

The details are important

I use a sterile disposable hand held tool or tattoo cartridge to deposit a pigment that matches the colour of your hair into the upper layer of the skin AKA the dermis. Creating short hair like strokes strokes and shading will mimic the existing hair flow patterns of your natural brows.

No brow hair no problem I can create a custom pattern just for you! You end up with a fuller beautifully shaped natural looking brow that can last on average between 1-3 years 

Did you know, every brow is customized, when you look at my work you will not see two brows the same. Shape, size, colour and placement are all unique to you! 

This is why it is very important to look at your artists portfolio and reviews to make sure that he or she is a good fit for you! 

The details you need to know,

  • Appointment time 2.5-3 hours
  • Initial appointment cost $450
  • Downtime – None
  • Numbing – I got you covered!
  • Pain level – 0-minimal (I have had sleepers)
  • Healing time – 7-14 days
  • Touch up – Perfecting appointment 6-8 weeks (additional cost)
  • Maintenance – 12-24 month colour boost is average
  • Bookings available on line 24/7
  • Deposit is required. Please make sure you read the FAQ page before you book your appointment.

The Okanagan knows amazing brows don’t happen by chance they happen by appointment at Studio Ki all you have to do is book with me and I will take care of the rest.