Have you heard lash lift and tint in Vernon BC is now available at Studio Ki Permanent Cosmetics!

Lash lifts can make your natural lashes look AMAZING 24 hours a day for up to 6 weeks! Who wouldn’t want their lashes standing at attention every morning when they wake up.

Healed permanent liner and brows

So here are your lash lift deets

  • Appointment time 60 minutes
  • Lash lift curls your natural lashes
  • Tint colours them black fo maximum visibility
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks
  • Looks most dramatic with longer lashes
  • $85 for lift and tint
  • Lay back and relax, have you heard of lash naps!
Lash lift and tint before and adter

Other Okanagan lash lift and tint pointers


  • Pairs well with any brow service, henna brow, microblading or powder brow. Looks amazing and you get a combo deal!
  • EyEnvy is a quick way to grow your lashes thicker and longer so your lash lifts will look ever more amazing!
  • You condition the hair on your head and you should condition your lashes too! At Studio Ki we have specifically formulated conditioner to keep your lashes soft and fluffy all year long.

Getting a lash lift and tint in Vernon has never been easier! Studio Ki has a perfected 4 step method that not only curls and tints your lashes but also conditions them for maximum perfection.


Tips for the best results lash lift results


Brows & Microblading, Services

  • Come to your appointment mascara free

  • Keep your lashes dry for a minimum of 24 hours

  • Sleep on your back not your face

  • Use a silk pillow case, they are amazing for your brows, lashes, skin and hair.

  • No waterproof mascara – Normal mascara is ok after 48 hours.