Welcome to Studio Ki


The Okanagan’s destination for permanent make-up!

Thats right, we do microblading in Vernon as well as full face permanent cosmetics, every thing you need to ditch those pesky makeup pencils and wake up feeling fabulous! Permanent lip colour, permanent eyeliner, permanent freckles and powder brows or ombré brows and combo brows!


Full face permanent make up can make you look years younger, save you time in the morning and be a huge confidence booster!


Studio Ki created a new look for this lovely lady with eyebrows, eyeliner and lip blush!

We also have a few non-permanent services that will help you wake up feeling one step closer to being ready! Lash lift and tint as well as henna brow or brow tinting and affordable teeth whitening!

We are located downtown Vernon BC. Our expertise is limited but perfected, we are not a full service salon. We don’t do hair, we don’t do nails and we certainly do not tattoo you in our basement! Permanent cosmetics is our full time job and we aim to give you a natural yet perfected look.


What are Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent cosmetics, or permanent make-up is a way to wake up looking fresh and ready for the day. Imagine waking up and your brows are already on. No need to spend 10 minutes trying to draw them in. Imagine jumping into the water and you come out and your eyeliner still perfectly in place? Imagine eating a full meal and your lips still look as perfect! This is what permanent makeup can do for you!

At Studio Ki we believe Microblading and other permanent makeup should look natural and help you enhance your natural beauty. We want you to live you Okanagan lifestyle and not be worrying about your face staying in place while you do the things you love!